• The impact of smoking on oral health

    A Major Problem of Smoking is That it Tends to Disguise the Damage Taking Place to Teeth and Gums.

    Reasons why your dentist wants you to stop smoking –

    • Reduce bad breath.

    • Decrease the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

    • Decrease the rate of bone loss within the jaw.

    • Decrease the risk of gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss.

    • Help retain the whiteness of your teeth for that perfect smile.

    Smoking-Related Dental Problems

    One of the most harmful oral habits is smoking. Smoking is known to reduce saliva flow, affect circulation, can lead to tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and one of the most devastating effects of tobacco is the development of oral cancer

    Detrimental side effects that you can expect if you smoke are:

      • Sticky tar deposits or brown staining on the teeth
      • Smoker’s palate’
      • Delayed healing of the gums
      • Increased severity of gum disease
      • Chronic bad breath
      • Black hairy tongue
      • Oral lesions
      • Gum recession

    There have been recent studies to indicate that smoking may be one of the most significant factors in the development and accelerated progression of periodontal disease. It also slows a patients’ recovery following periodontal treatment or any other type of oral surgery, and as such, makes the success of treatment less predictable.

    Contacting the Quitline will significantly increase your chance of quitting for good. As an added incentive; after 15 years, the risk of death for an ex-smoker is almost equivalent to that of a non-smoker.

    Consult Your Dental Care Professional Today!

    To protect yourself from a host of dental problems, giving away smoking is a simple answer. Without giving up smoking, any kind of treatment for your dental problems is likely to more difficult than for a non-smoker, and maintaining great oral health will be extremely difficult.

    Quitting is challenging because, psychologically it seems, “nobody likes a quitter”. However, with the right information and support around you, its possible to quit and become a non-smoker successfully.

    The team at Dental Care Professionals are dedicated to providing the right advice and support to help you restore your oral health and live a health lifestyle.

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