• Can I Whiten My Teeth at Home?

    Can I whiten my teeth at home?

    Yes you can whiten your teeth at home.

    At-home teeth whitening systems available from your dentist have customised whitening trays that you fill with an “active” gel yourself. Depending on the level of staining on your teeth, the recommended length of time your dentist prescribes you leave the trays in your mouth and the amount of whitening you want to achieve will determine for how long you have to go through this process.

    An at-home whitening kit from your dentist will be created for you with custom-fitted whitening trays moulded for you, with concentrated, professional-strength teeth whitening gel. This tooth whitening gel is used daily to provide a gradual whitening solution.

    How good is home whitening at making your teeth look white?

    To start with, ay form of whitening does not make your teeth pure white; this would look strange and unnatural.

    With home whitening the change in whiteness is subtle, though most people will see a noticeable difference between upper teeth that have been bleached and lowers that have not.

    There is some research that points to home whitening being slightly more effective for younger people.

    Is home teeth whitening safe?

    Yes home teeth whitening is safe.

    Hydrogen peroxide (in the active gel) is actually produced naturally in the body in small amounts. It’s effects on the body have been studied for many years and considered safe when used exactly as instructed. When home whitening is carried out according to your dentist’s instructions, it is a safe, simple treatment.

    What complications can there be with home whitening?

    The only minor complications are rare cases of gum irritation and heightened cold sensitivity in the enamel of teeth. If this occurs you must stop using the kit and talk to your dentist as soon as you can.

    It is also a good idea to talk first with your dentist to see if all your teeth will be likely to whiten evenly.

    There are certain types of staining your teeth can get that do not respond to bleaching, for example certain types of antibiotic drugs (like tetracycline) that may have been used during childhood that won’t be whitened.

    At-home whitening kits from Dental Care Professionals contain professional whitening ingredients and trays that are specially formulated for you, unlike those available off-the-shelf from your chemist or local supermarket.

    At Dental Care Professionals we offer a free no-obligation Teeth Whitening consultation to help you work out what is the right approach for you. Call 8232 3280 to book your consultation today.

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