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    Professional Teeth Whitening Options Explained

    Have you ever noticed a friend who suddenly has amazing white teeth or seen someone on TV that just dazzles you with their bright white smile? The kind of smile that’s so beautiful and bright that you wish they’d just keep smiling?

    Then there’s the thought – I wonder if I can get such a brilliant white smile?

    Every day pleasures like coffee, tea and wine can eventually lead to discolouration of your tooth enamel.

    If you’ve noticed your teeth looking dull and not as bright as they used to be, a simple, safe and effective teeth whitening treatment may be the answer for you.

    Modern cosmetic dentistry offers effective treatment options to improve the colour of teeth and restore a smile to a whiter, brighter, lighter smile.

    Photos from before and after dentist visit for teeth bleaching and professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom whitening.

    Teeth whitening treatments offer a great way to improve the colour, brilliance and radiance of your smile.

    To understand what options are available on the market, read our Teeth Whitening Guide

    Dental Care Professionals offers a number of teeth whitening treatment. Get in touch to learn which are likely to work best for you

    90-minutes to a smile that is whiter, brighter – and up to six shades lighter!

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    Will Teeth Whitening Work for You?

    Teeth bleaching, which uses a chemical process to whiten your teeth, isn’t for everyone. In fact, for the type of brilliant white bright smile that some people desire, they may not be able to whiten using this treatment option.

    Only a dentist who has had a chance to carefully examine your teeth and talk to you about tooth sensitivity and past dental work will be able to advise you on whether it will work for you.

    Your first step to getting whiter teeth is to Book a Tooth Whitening Evaluation session with your dentist and find out which whitening treatments will work for you.

    After you have been evaluated you can discuss with your dentist which teeth bleaching option will best suit you and how much whiter you want your teeth to be.

    Before carrying out any tooth whitening treatment, your current oral health needs to be assessed. If it is decided that our in-surgery method is the best option for you, you’ll be able to discuss the procedure in detail.

    Patients who are able to use chemical whitening treatment options with their dentists enjoy –

    • Immediate results within 90 minutes
    • Cool blue LED light that’s more comfortable and doesn’t produce as much heat
    • Reduces sensitivity
    • Customised to maximum patient comfort
    • Great for busy people

    Need More Information about Tooth Whitening?

    Get answers to all your pressing questions about tooth whitening on our Frequently Asked Dental Questions page.

    For a more detailed explanation of how Teeth Bleaching works view the page that explains what happens, so you know what to expect.