• Choosing the Right Dentist to Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

    There are several different fields of dentistry and most people begin with a family dentistry, or general dentistry. Licensed to diagnose a range of dental issues, a general dentist will provide you with an overall assessment of your dental health and help you develop a proper treatment plan that will address your needs.

    The general or family dentist is able to perform many of the treatments for various dental issues, and when certain issues arise can then refer you to the proper dental specialist in the particular area you need.

    What are the Basic Dentist Designations?

    Family and general dentists are generally designated with the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) when they successfully graduate after four years of study from one of the Universities in Australia.

    Post-graduate training is available in all dental specialties. Degrees awarded used to be Master of Dental Surgery/Science (MDS/MDSc), but lately have changed to Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent).

    Working under the supervision of the dentist may be dental assistants and dental hygienists. Dental hygienists complete a Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) as the most common degree program.

    Most Bachelor of Oral Health programs in Australia qualify students as both Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists, collectively known as Oral Health Therapist.

    What do Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants do?

    The hygienist may perform professional teeth cleaning for patients. The dental assistant assists the dentist and this may include a variety of tasks including preparing anesthesia, taking radiographs and helping the dentist during procedures.

    What To Consider When Choosing A Dentist

    If you are choosing a new dentist to see there are several things you should consider when making your decision. Find out how long the dentist has been practicing.

    Make sure to research for the particular type of dentist you need, such as a family dentist or a dentist specialising in cosmetic dentistry. At Dental Care Professionals we provide general and family dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures for Adelaide, Brighton and the surrounding suburbs.

    Consult with the dentists you are considering about the procedures you may need and the costs as well as the pros and cons of each procedure. What types of amenities are offered to ease discomfort, including pre-medication and a comforting environment (e.g., music, heating pads).

    What You Absolutely Must Know Before Choosing a Dentist

    Also, you may want to check online that your dentist is registered with the Dental Board of Australia through their website (http://www.dentalboard.gov.au/).

    When inquiring about costs make sure to see what is covered under your particular insurance plan from teeth cleanings and fillings to restorative dentistry (e.g., dentures and bridges) and orthodontics. Determine what your out-of-pocket costs will be. Dental Care Professionals helps patients assess their specific situations.

    You may also consider the basics such as how friendly the dentist and his staff were at your initial consultation. You also have to weigh in the location factor as a dentist too far from home could cause a significant inconvenience in the event you needed to make multiple appointments.

    Taking Care of Your Dental Hygiene – Dental Care Professionals

    Call your Dental Care Professional on 08 8232 3280 to enquire about any and all of your dental needs. You may also wish to schedule an appointment for a more in-depth conversation about your dental options including family and cosmetic dentistry.

    Dental Care Professionals have clinics conveniently located in Adelaide and Brighton.

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