• Why Is It Important To Floss My Teeth?

    Why is it important to floss my teeth?

    Dental Floss is what is called an interdental cleaner. That means it is specifically designed to clean the tight spaces between your teeth and in those gaps at the base of your teeth tight up to your gums.

    Your toothbrush is too big to reach into these tricky spaces, so floss was invented to solve that problem, helping you remove the plaque and bits of food that can lodge in these places.

    Even the smallest amount of plaque or food particles that can get trapped between your teeth can lead to oral health problems. In fact, medical research has found that the bacteria that flourish in an unhealthy mouth can harm the rest of your body too. Leading to more serious health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness.

    Regular flossing to remove plaque (the sticky soft build up that forms on your teeth, before it hardens into tartar), gives you better oral hygiene which leads to shorter check-up appointments with your dentist.

    While using dental floss is awkward and something most people would rather not have to do. In the long run, flossing your teeth means cleaner feeling teeth, fresher smelling breath, a lower chance of decay, healthier gums and generally a healthier you.

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