• What To Do For a Toothache?

    What to do for a toothache? Some short term solutions.

    If there is a significant change in the health of your teeth and mouth then you should contact your dentist immediately.

    The clearest sign that all is not well is a toothache. Until you can get the appointment, here are some short-term solutions for what to do for a toothache

    If you have a toothache, rinse your mouth out with warm water (warm salty water works effectively as well) and gently use dental floss to make sure that there is no food or other debris trapped between the teeth.

    Don’t put aspirin or other over-the-counter painkillers against the gums because these might burn the tissue of the gum.  Instead use clove oil and rub it against the painful area; you’ll find clove oil at your local health food store.

    You can even stick some sugar free gum over the sore tooth in order to minimise contact with food when you eat.

    For a filling that has fallen out, rinse the tooth with warm salty water and call your dentist. The resulting void will be vulnerable to further decay and using the tooth will weaken the structure.

    A loose crown can be fixed in the short term by making a paste from Vaseline and corn starch and sticking the crown back in place.  Keeping away from hard or sticky foods is also advised when you have a loose crown.

    Gum disease causes bleeding gums so a visit to the dentist is strongly advised. As a short-term solution you can get a wet tea bag, squeeze the water from it and press the bag against the bleeding area for approximately 20 minutes.

    These solutions will offer short-term relief until you can contact your dentist and get the problem fixed properly.

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