• What is dry mouth?

    What is dry mouth?

    ​Dry mouth is a condition caused by a reduced flow of saliva produced in your mouth. There are certain types of medications, as well as, smoking and chewing tobacco that can cause dry mouth.

    Dry mouth is particularly uncomfortable because we need saliva to help control bacteria, aid with digestion and help food to be swallowed after we’ve chewed it.

    The technical term for dry mouth is Xerostomia and it causes difficult bad breath, because there isn’t enough saliva to give you a good balanced environment in the mouth for bacteria. Basically without a balanced bacterial environment less oxygen is in your mouth so the bacteria produces lots of smelly sulphur.

    What relief can I get for my dry mouth?

    Here are a few simple things you can do that will give you relief when you’re suffering from dry mouth.

    • Keep you mouth moist by sipping cool unsweetened drinks.
    • Keep the air around you moist with a humidifier especially at night while you’re sleeping.
    • Stimulate saliva with sugar-free gum and sugar-free sweets or mints.
    • Avoid things that dry your mouth like tea, coffee, acidic fruit juices, alcohol or smoking.
    • Avoid things that can damage your mouth such as hard crunch foods or salty, spicy foods.
    • Add extra moisture to the things you eat with sauces, gravy, oils and toppings.
    • Add extra foods to your meals that contain a lot of fluid such as fruits, steam vegetables, yoghurt or even mayonnaise.


    Your Dentist, Doctor or local Pharmacist are a great source for other tips and professional advice on other ways to make your life easier when you have dry mouth.

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