• What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

    There are many dental procedures available that come under the heading of Aesthetic Dentistry, all of which are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. These include teeth whitening treatments, micro-abrasion, bonding and veneers. A combination of these techniques can whiten and improve the shape and colour of your teeth; they can even close gaps.

    What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

    Aesthetic Dentistry sometimes also called Cosmetic Dentistry are the treatments and procedures people choose that improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. These may give the person a subtle change to improve some small aspect of their smile they don’t like, like repairing a chipped tooth or a major restoration where the individuals entire smile is changed.

    Often the improvements the person gets are deeper than just changing the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, they can positively impact oral health, improve jaw or muscle alignment (such as when braces are used to change your bite and teeth positions) as well as giving individuals back confidence where it may have been lost.

    Which aesthetic procedure is right for me?

    Discovering what the right procedures are for you, will need you to consult your Dentist. The condition of your teeth right now and what result you want to achieve help your dentist to diagnose what can be done for you and determine the treatments that will work best for you.

    When you consult your dentist you’ll want to ask a few questions of your own to help you decide which of the options you’re presented with will fit in with your lifestyle.

    Questions to ask your Dentist

    • What will the changes look like?
    • How many appointments will I need for each treatment?
    • What should I expect to experience with each treatment?
    • How long will it take before all the treatments are done?
    • Can I do this over a longer time, or does it need to be done altogether and quickly?
    • What will I need to do to maintain my dental work once it’s complete?

    What should I look for when choosing a Cosmetic Dentist?

    Dentists have various types of specialist skills and sometimes you may want to consult someone other than your regular family dentist. When this is the case, there are a number of different things that you can ask the dentist to share with you before you make any decisions.

    Before and After Dental Treatment Photos

    Dentists that work in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry will have a gallery or photo album of before and after dental treatment photos that you can view to see the results they’ve achieved for other patients. This will give you an idea of whether the dentist is able to get the types of results you’re hoping for and fits with your needs.


    Letters of reference from other dentists, patients or other specialists give you a sense of the quality of care the dentist you’re considering provides.

    Proof of Continuing Education

    In dentistry there are many new developments in treatments, materials and techniques that help in giving you a wider choice of options for achieving the results you want. Making sure the dentist you are considering is actively continuing their education ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest in clinical aesthetic dentistry.

    Today, with social media it’s easy to check up a dentist (on a website like LinkedIn) to see whether your dentist is interested in their education.

    Check out the Dental Care Professionals dentists on LinkedIn: Dr George Atsikbasis, Dr Alan Fassina and Dr Cathryn Gill.

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