• What is a Teeth Whitening System?

    Teeth Whitening Systems are specially formulated step-by-step processes for whitening your teeth that can be done in the comfort of your home or done professionally by your dentist in their clinic.

    Each System has it’s own unique combination of things to do and apply to your teeth to get whiter teeth. They can also be special purpose and only be suitable for patients with certain types of teeth or particular dental health conditions.

    There are a number of recognised brands in Teeth Whitening Systems and your dentist may be able to advise you on the risks and benefits of each one for your situation.

    What is ZOOM Whitening?

    ZOOM!® is one of the most popular tooth whitening treatments available from your dentist. This in-dental office teeth whitening solution can only be administered by a qualified professional dentist.

    Commonly known as Zoom whitening, the process takes a 90-minute appointment at your dentists office. You attend your dentist’s practice for the teeth bleaching session and leave with a whiter, brighter smile – with teeth up to six shades lighter!

    The Zoom teeth whitening process is very simple. We prepare your gums and lips, then paint the special Zoom teeth whitening gel onto your teeth. Then we shine a special laser onto the gel-coated teeth. We repeat this process three times.

    When you are done, you see an immediate and dramatic difference in the brightness of your smile.

    Promotional video for ZOOM Whitening


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