• What Is a Dental Hygienist?

    What is a Dental Hygienist?

    Dental Hygienists are trained to work with patients to help them with their dental care and oral health. They clean teeth, examine you for things like gingivitis and provide other preventative dental care treatments. Dental Hygienists also help patients with dental education to give them ways of improving as well as maintaining good oral health.

    Dental Hygienists are registered practitioners who perform dental clinical procedures that prevent dental disease. They work under the supervision and prescription of your dentist, and may treat you with out your dentist being present.

    Why would I need a Dental Hygienist?

    Events in our lives can change many things that impact on our overall health, including what’s happening in our mouths. Put simply, your mouth changes, your saliva changes and just because things have been OK with your teeth and plaque in the past doesn’t mean that they’ll stay that way forever.

    With your busy life and extra stress from time to time, it’s understandable that your brushing and flossing routine might slip a little. When this happens stuff can build up without you even noticing. Your Hygienist works at removing plaque and helping restore gum health, so the gums heal tight up against your teeth. It’s their ability to clean thoroughly that helps you prevent more serious problems that are expensive to treat.

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