• What Foods Are Good For My Teeth?

    What foods are good for my teeth?

    One of the best types of food to eat for the health of your teeth is cheese, and in particular, Cheddar, Mozzarella or Swiss.

    Cheese stimulates saliva production, which protects the teeth from acids. Cheese disrupts the process that leads to the creation of cavities. Cheese also raises the PH in your mouth, which is another way of lowering your risk of tooth decay. Cheese is also high in protein and calcium, which are nutrients that strengthen the enamel on your teeth. It is an ideal snack between meals or immediately after dinner. Maybe this is why cheese tends to be the final course at a dinner party.

    Other food that protects the teeth between meals are raw vegetables, fruit and yogurt. Yogurt acts in the same way as cheese does and although fruit is sweet, it produces a lot of saliva, which is good for the health of your teeth. Vegetables and leafy greens are high in calcium but they also contain folic acid, which is a kind of B vitamin, which has various health benefits generally and for your oral health.

    Food to avoid, particularly as snacks between meals, are chewy sweets like toffee and soft drink due to their incredibly high sugar content. If you really have a sweet tooth, eat sweets as part of a meal and not as a snack. Rinse your mouth afterwards or maybe have an apple to clean up the sticky residue clinging to your teeth that’s beginning the process of tooth decay.

    Water and milk are the best beverages for teeth because they clear the mouth of debris, are low in acid and sugar and don’t leave any stains.

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