• What Do I Need To Know About Teething?

    What do I need to Know about Teething?

    Teething is the term used for when a child’s first new teeth break through the gums. Children don’t necessarily experience difficulties when teething although some do experience irritability, discomfort and increased drooling.

    There are some home remedies that can help during this time such as giving the child something to chew on like a damp washer and also massaging the child’s gums with a finger if they seem to be fretting.

    There are teething rings for children that can help. Teething rings work the same as the washer by giving the child something to chew while the teeth break through the gums.

    Teething gels, which can be bought from the chemist over the counter, can be helpful but you have to be careful not to over use them. As is the case with all medications, particularly for children, the instructions should be read and followed.

    If your child is really in distress, an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen can be used.

    If your child is experiencing high fevers and/or diarrhoea, these symptoms are not associated with teething and can indicate an ear infection or a systemic problem. Make an appointment to see your doctor if your child is showing these symptoms.

    Within six months of the eruption of your child’s first tooth but no later than a year old, you should go to the dentist for a check up. This might seem early but many children today have tooth decay by the age of three.

    You can help your child by beginning a brushing routine with your child as soon as the first tooth comes through, because they’ll need those teeth until their adult teeth come through.

    If you’re unsure or want assistance with helping your child with developing good oral hygiene habits, your dentist can help or you may want to seek assistance from a Dental Hygienist. Hygienists are familiar with the best ways to help you and your child get into a great routine that will protect your baby teeth.

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