• What Do I Do If My Tooth Is Knocked Out?

    What do I do if my tooth is knocked out?

    Your tooth can be replanted if you act quickly.

    The first thing to do is to clean the tooth if it is dirty. Clean the tooth with milk not water. If you don’t have milk, put your lost tooth in your mouth and use your saliva to clean it.

    Make sure you only hold your lost tooth by the crown (the part that normally shows in your mouth), avoid touching the roots (the part that are normally hidden in your gums) as they are very sensitive and damage can ruin your chances of replanting.

    If you can act fast enough and put the tooth back in place without pain, then your next step is to get yourself to a dentist to make sure the best possible healing and survival.

    Sometimes it’s just not possible to replant the tooth yourself. In this case, you need to get in to see a dentist within the next 30 minutes to ensure the best possible outcome. When your in this situation you’ll need to transport the tooth safely either by wrapping it in plastic cling wrap, in a container with milk or by tucking it gently inside your cheek.

    As mentioned at the beginning – time is critical and you must get to a dentist quickly.

    What do I do if my tooth is broken?

    While not as urgent as knocking a tooth out completely, breaking a tooth still needs some early treatment to help you get a better result when you do get to see your dentist.

    First clean the area around your broken tooth with lukewarm water. Doing this over some sort of basin or container will help you catch the debris and bits of tooth as you clean. Collect and keep the broken bits of your tooth – in some circumstances they can be bonded back onto teeth.

    If the incident that caused the broken tooth results in facial injury add a cold compress to your face next to the injured tooth to minimise swelling. This will help dental and emergency room staff with assessing your injury and treatment options.

    Seek professional dental assistance as soon as is practical.

    What do I do if something gets stuck between teeth?

    First try to remove what’s stuck by gliding dental floss between the teeth and flicking the stuck matter out. Carefully slide the floss in being careful to avoid cutting or inflaming your gums.

    If you’re unable to get dental floss between your teeth or you simply can’t flick out what’s stuck; get assistance from a dentist. They are able to more closely see what and how it is stuck; making it easier for them to remove it without damage or pain to you.

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