• What Causes Gums to Turn White?

    What causes gums to turn white?

    Your gums turning white are an early warning sign that there is something unhealthy going on in your mouth.

    There are a number of different causes for gums turning white and to be 100% sure that you know which one you may have, it’s best to visit your Dentist for a checkup.

    One of the most common causes for gums turning white is food and other debris collecting along the gum line where they contact with your teeth. This then causes bacteria and infection of the gums and they turn white. When the white discolouration is limited to this part of the gums, it’s likely that this is what is going on for you.

    You’ll be relieved to know that you can stop gums turning white and return then to a healthy pink colour with improved brushing and flossing. Paying a little more attention to your oral hygiene every day can solve the problem quickly.

    What serious conditions can cause gums to turn white?

    If the white areas in your mouth are flat and with gentle scraping come off (be careful, you may cause bleeding if you scrape too firmly). Particularly if the white areas are on the roof of your mouth or the insides of your cheeks where the tissue is softest.

    The most common cause for these symptoms is a fungal infection; thrush.

    However it may also be a condition called Leukoplakia; which is a condition that can be an early indicator for cancer. Due to the seriousness of Leukoplakia it is best that you seek a professional diagnosis to ensure that treatment can begin as quickly as possible. Even if it turns out to only be thrush, early treatment will prevent unpleasant symptoms from developing further.

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