• What Are The Dental Causes of Headache?

    Can problems with my teeth cause headaches?

    Headaches can be caused by problems with the teeth or jaw. Mouth abscesses, infection developing after having a tooth extracted and problems in the jaw can be the dental causes of headache, or even migraine.

    When the pulp (the interior of the tooth) becomes infected, the pain can be intense and aching in the face and head might result. The treatment for this kind of infection is antibiotics and an endodontic treatment.

    Gum infections can cause headaches, as can impacted wisdom teeth. If you get an infection after a tooth has been taken out then this means the exposed bone left over from the extraction has become infected. Infection is one of the more serious dental causes of headache. The pain is usually located where the void has been left and presents within two to nine days after the procedure although the pain can radiate to the neck, temple and face.

    Some dental causes of headache require immediate treatment. If you are suffering from headaches and migraines after having a procedure performed by your dentist then you must get to the dentist to get the problem resolved.

    Problems with the jaw are called temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJD and this can be one of the dental causes of headache. A range of problems are grouped under this heading. The symptoms of TMJD are clicking in the jaw when opening and closing and even locking in certain positions in severe cases, aching in neck, the lower part of the face and head and localised pain in the jaw. This can cause headaches. TMJD is caused by teeth grinding, diseases such as arthritis, cartilage problems in the structure of the joint, misaligned teeth, muscle tension and trauma to the jaw.

    Getting a headache is a severe symptom of problems with your teeth or jaw so if this is the case, make an appointment with your dentist or even the doctor is the pain is severe as is in the case of migraine pain. Headaches will reoccur if left untreated.

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