• What are Porcelain Crowns?

    What are porcelain crowns?

    Porcelain crowns are made from dental porcelain that is shaped to replicate the appearance of a natural tooth.

    Porcelain crowns are strong and resilient; although they do age just likely your regular teeth and can need repairs or replacement if they become too damaged with time.

    The porcelain crown often replaces a whole external section of a tooth all the way down to the level of the gum.

    Crowns, in general, are a great way to fix a damaged tooth since they can recreate not only the form but also the function of the damaged tooth.

    Porcelain Crowns can also be used to create a better aesthetic appearance to a slightly damaged tooth the owner might want to look more regular. In the case of teeth grinding, a porcelain crown can bring back some of the length of your teeth that has been lost due to grinding your teeth.

    Will I only need a dental crown?

    In addition to a Porcelain Crown, your dentist may need to add an Inlay or Onlay.

    A cosmetic dental inlay can be used to fill in the gaps in the grooves of the cusp of a tooth (that’s the top bumpy surface of your back teeth).

    A cosmetic dental onlay is put within the grooves and over the cusps of the tooth (put over the top of the bumpy surface of your back teeth).

    Both onlays and inlays can replace old fillings and people find that they look better than older fillings because they match a tooth’s natural colour.

    Cosmetic inlays and onlays last a long time, are very durable and can strengthen the very structure of the tooth.

    Onlays are also referred to as partial crowns and an inlay is more like a filling since it is within the points on the chewing surface of a tooth and can be impossible to tell apart from your other natural teeth.

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