• What Are Dental Implants And Why Use Them?

    What are dental implants and why use them?

    Dental implants are implants that connect directly to the bone of the jaw. If you lose a tooth, over time you will lose bone in that area since the root of the original tooth isn’t stimulating the bone. A dental implant uses titanium, which can biochemically join with the bone, and you get a bond that replicates the connection found in nature.

    If you lose a back tooth, you might decide that you don’t have to replace it. Back teeth are less visible and don’t necessarily affect your smile. The problem is that there is increased bone loss when a tooth is missing and the bone melts away. You can see the effect this has on the jaw in people who have lost most of their teeth. When they’re not wearing dentures, their mouth has a caved in appearance. When the bone is gone, it’s gone forever. Although you can get a graft to recreate bone to support an implant, it is better to get a dental implant long before bone decay to avoid such a major procedure.

    Losing a tooth also affects the remaining teeth as they create structure to the face and the teeth left behind can move. This creates bite problems and affects the overall look of the teeth in the mouth. The loss of a tooth can also affect the jaw muscles and the joints of the jaw. Lost teeth can also have an impact on nutrition given certain limitations in the food you can chew.

    Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant is not a procedure that can be done in a day. It takes a series of steps over a few months to ensure the implant has adhered to the bone before a crown can be attached and full bite force restored.

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