• Sports mouth guards by Dental Care Professionals protect your teeth when you're having fun

    Every Year Thousands of Children are Treated for Preventable Dental Injuries Which Could Have Been Avoided, or the Severity Minimised, by Wearing a Protective Mouthguard.

    Mouthguards can reduce the risk and severity of dental injuries. Sport and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries. Dental injuries can be painful, disfiguring and expensive to treat.

    Dental injuries incurred from not wearing a sport mouthguard can include; cut or bitten lips, cheeks, gums, or tongue.

    Wearing a mouthguard in competition and at practice can prevent chipped, broken teeth, knocked out teeth or a broken Jaw.

    Dental injuries are very common during recreational and athletic activities. People of all ages, including children, experience cut lips, bitten tongue, chipped teeth, and even knocked-off teeth while playing their favourite sports.

    Sure, some injuries are part of the game, or so they say but there is a way to prevent these without ever compromising comfort and performance.

    To do so, experts highly recommend that you use custom mouthguards.

    Why You Need a Mouthguard

    A mouthguard helps absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face, which might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw.

    A heavy collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss, injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth, and, in severe cases, concussion or a broken jaw.

    Injuries like these can lead to long and potentially expensive treatment to restore teeth and the mouth back to normal function and appearance.

    Custom-fitted Mouthguards


    A custom-fitted mouthguard is made by a dentist using an impression taken of your teeth and a plaster model.

    Custom fitting allows the dentist to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size, coverage and thickness in a mouthguard made especially for you.

    The dentist can also make an assessment of any risk factors you might have and recommend the best type of mouthguard appropriate for your sport.

    Custom-fitted mouthguards should be comfortable, allow you to talk, have maximum resistance against being dislodged and should not restrict breathing.

    ‘Do it yourself’ mouth guards from supermarkets, sports stores and pharmacies are usually poorly fitting and uncomfortable. They offer very little protection and are not endorsed by the ADA (Australian Dental Association).

    Only a dentist can provide a custom fitted mouth guard which is considered to be the most effective way at preventing injuries to the teeth, mouth and jaws.

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