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    Every year thousands of children are treated for dental injuries, which could have been prevented, or the severity minimised, by wearing a protective mouthguard.

    Why You Need a Mouthguard

    Mouthguards reduce the risk and severity of dental injuries caused by sport and recreation activities. Dental injuries of this type – cut or bitten lips, cheeks, gums or tongue as well as jaw and teeth, can be extremely painful, disfiguring and expensive to treat.

    mouthguardWearing a mouthguard in competition and at practice –

    • Cushions the teeth against direct impact – to prevent chipped teeth, broken teeth or completely knocking teeth out by absorbing and redistributing the impact of a blow to your face.
    • Protects against jaw joint injuries – to minimize the risk of dislocating your jaw (the medical name -temporomandibular joint dislocation); which is particularly painful until the joint is returned to its correct position and is often tender for a few weeks afterwards.
    • Protects against soft tissue injuries – to prevent splits and cuts to your lips, cheeks, gums or tongue, as well as wounds caused by your teeth piercing through any of your soft tissues especially your cheeks.
    • Help prevent neck and jaw injuries – to help you avoid or at least minimize the impact of contact that causes breaks and fractures in jaw and upper vertebrae.

    The cost of a mouthguard is small when compared to the treatment costs you would have to pay is the event of a dental injury.

    Choosing a Mouthguard

    The Australian Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard made by your dentist to ensure maximum protection.

    A custom-fitted mouthguard that is made by your dentist is comfortable to wear, allows you to speak clearly whilst wearing it, won’t restrict your breathing, fall out or shift while your actively engaged in your sport or recreation.

    Making You Mouthguards

    At Dental Care Professionals we begin by taking an impression of your teeth, this involves putting a mouthguard shaped device in your mouth that is filled with a gel substance and then holding it in place until the gel sets firm. Only a minute or two, but patients always tell us it feels so much longer. We ask you to breathe through your nose while this is happening, because it can be confusing and uncomfortable breathing through your mouth with the device and fingers in your mouth.

    Now that we have an impression, we’ll make a plaster model that is used to create your mouthguard. From the plaster model we can ensure best fit, most comfortable size for your mouth, the amount of impact protection you require in different areas for coverage & thickness, as well as assessing and designing for any particular risk factors in your sport or recreational activities. This makes the finished mouthguard 100% custom-fitted to you and you alone.

    When ready, you return and try on the mouthguard to confirm that you’ve got the right fit and you’re good to go.

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