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    If You Want to Keep Your Natural Teeth for as Long as Possible; Root Canal Therapy May Be Able to Help You do just that.

    Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide & Brighton (or Endodontic Treatment)

    Endodontic treatment is more commonly known as root canal therapy. Advancements in dental medicine and the development of specially designed instruments, means a root canal procedure can be accomplished in complete comfort in as little as two appointment visits.

    Root Canal Dentistry Service Dental Care Professionals

    Saving your natural tooth which would otherwise require extraction is the main purpose of endodontic therapy. You may require endodontic treatment if the nerve inside your tooth has become infected and inflamed. This can be the result of deep decay, gum disease (periodontitis), a crack or chip in the tooth enamel. Sometimes an accident can cause nerve damage but no visual damage to your tooth can be seen.

    A thorough examination by one of our dentists will determine the most appropriate course of action for you and identify whether root canal treatment is for you.

    How Root Canal Treatments Work

    If a tooth is painful, discoloured, sensitive to cold and hot, or your gums are very tender, these are signs a tooth may be infected. This can happen if a cavity has grown very deep or the tooth is cracked or broken. When that happens, bacteria infect the soft tissue inside your tooth, where antibiotics can’t reach.

    At Dental Care Professionals, we provide root canal treatment Adelaide and root canal treatment Brighton and we can work with you to try to save or restore your natural tooth.

    The Dentist will carefully examine your teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth to determine the extent of the problem and recommend what treatment is needed.

    At Dental Care Professionals your dentist will explain the treatment and answer any questions you might have as they formulate a treatment plan with you.

    Root canal therapy is usually performed under a local anaesthetic. In general, this procedure involves removing the infected pulp from the inside of your tooth chamber and root canal. The area is then carefully cleaned, medicated and permanently sealed.

    Finally, your dentist may need to restore your tooth with a crown so it remains strong, looks and feels completely natural and works correctly for your chewing action.

    Contact Dental Care Professionals at our Adelaide or Brighton clinics and we’ll answer any questions you have about Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide.

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