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    Chipped or fractured teeth can add years to your appearance. Restore your smile with beautiful, strong porcelain to achieve strong & healthy-looking teeth. Let our team of Dental Care Professionals show you how.

    • Are you missing teeth that are keeping you from having the smile you’d like?

    • Do you have teeth that are broken, cracked, chipped, too small, misshapen or discoloured?

    • Do you have a tooth that has so much dental work it has become fragile or prone to cavities?

    • How would you like to smile with confidence and eat what you like?

    • Do you want a long term solution rather than a quick fix for a broken tooth?

    Tooth Restoration to Full Function, Strength and Appearance

    When a tooth breaks, chips or decays in a way that it compromises the strength of that tooth, a strong protective covering, called a crown is often the best way to save the tooth and strengthen it.

    Tooth crowns are placed to protect a tooth when extensive dental work such as root canal therapy, a fractured tooth or tooth decay has weakened the tooth considerably.

    The crown is used to replace the portion of tooth that sits above the gum-line.

    A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is an artificial tooth which is anchored on to the natural teeth either side of the gap by crowns.

    A dental bridge is a popular choice for replacing one or several missing teeth if implants are not suitable and help to restore your smile. Dental bridges prevent your adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant space and opposing teeth moving out of alignment.

    A bridge is made up of several teeth held by crowns secured to sound teeth on either side of the space.

    Photos before and after dentist visit for porcelain onlays crown dental treatment to replace amalgam fillings with natural colour fillings.

    CEREC for High-Precision Dentistry

    Our teeth are constantly flexing and relaxing.

    With age plus the repeated stress and strain of everyday use, previously-restored teeth may be at risk of fracturing and splitting. Sadly that risk increases with the amount of restorative work that has been done.

    Further restoration using traditional resin-based crowns and bridges, involves cutting back more of the tooth in order to provide enough of a stable surface upon which to bond the crown.

    A more conservative solution is now available that is design to preserve more of the original tooth. Enabled using the CEREC system and porcelain.

    Dental porcelain can now be sculpted to exacting specifications and closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel. At the same time, providing the desirable strength and resilience needed.

    Additionally, dental ceramics (porcelain) are designed with physical properties that make them more closely related to real teeth than resins.

    Making CEREC and porcelain an excellent choice, particularly for restoring young front teeth.

    Maintenance of Porcelain Crowns

    To ensure the long-term success of your treatment, a thorough examination is conducted and careful preparation taken prior to receiving your crown or bridge.

    Depending on the type of crown or bridge needed, receiving a crown or bridge can be completed in a single appointment (when CEREC dentistry is a treatment option), sometimes more visits are required when the treatment solution is more complex and your dentist needs to monitor your adaptation to the results.

    It is important to put into practice and adhere to a rigorous home oral care routine and ensure you schedule regular checkup appointments. This is to be certain all of your teeth and surrounding gums are free from decay, plaque build-up and gum disease, as well as monitor your crown or bridge..

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