Before: Black Teeth

A 20 year old man visited Dental Care Professionals because his two front teeth had discoloured turning black following root canal treatment after an accident as a youth. The young man was finding the dark colour of these teeth increasingly embarrassing and wanted some way to get rid of the black colour.

After: Treated Black Teeth for Bright White Smile

The fillings in the black teeth were replaced with composite fillings so that they look lighter and clean in colour. Internal tooth whitening was done to lighten the darker teeth and give him an over all whiter, brighter smile.

About the Treatments that Created this White Teeth Smile

The dark black colour in the patients teeth was caused by discolouration in amalgam fillings that had aged. The treatment involved removing the old amalgam and then whitening the inner surfaces of the tooth before putting back composite white fillings to protect the teeth.

Removing Amalgam Filings

Dental Care Professionals uses CEREC to give you one visit dentistry solutionsAfter an initial assessment of the teeth, the patient decided that they wanted to preserve as much of their natural teeth as possible.

This required that the original amalgam fillings be removed using mercury safe protocols – cutting out the amalgam under wet cooling conditions. Once out, the teeth were thoroughly cleaned to ensure no remaining particles of amalgam were left behind.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in AdelaideTo remove some slight staining, the patient’s teeth were whitened to given them a white starting point for when the natural coloured fillings were put in.

The whitening process was done in the clinic so that the whitening result could be achieved quickly, this also allowed the patient to see the colour tone they were going to get once the full procedure was complete.

Natural (White) Fillings

Direct dental bonding whiter smileThe final part of the patient’s treatment was to prepare and place the new natural white fillings.

Careful colour matching and sculpting is required to ensure that the final look of the patient’s smile is natural. Special attention to tooth shape is critical when repairing front teeth in particular, as they are the first thing people notice when you smile.

Information for You

There are a number of different treatment options to restoring black teeth to a white smile. Your dentist will need to investigate what the cause of your black teeth is and then formulate appropriate treatment options for you, in your situation.

Solving your problem with black teeth can only be achieved with the assistance of a dentist; in many cases the solution will be more complicated than just simply bleaching your teeth. So before you invest in whitening treatments, it is worth a trip to your dentist to find out.

Discoloured Teeth Treatment

Your appearance is vitally important in the modern world and nothing is more distracting than ugly discoloured teeth that ruin your smile.

Often teeth whitening isn’t the only treatment you will need to fix a problem with discoloured teeth. There are lots of causes that can result in a discoloured black tooth or yellow teeth, which means you need to consult with an expert to find out what is going to work for your situation.

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