Before: Slightly yellowed uneven teeth
Whiter Even Teeth: Before Treatment photo

Our young patient came to us before her wedding worried and unhappy about the look of her teeth and how her smile would look in her wedding photos. She was particularly unhappy with her small teeth either side of her two front teeth. She also wanted a brighter smile that would look very natural.

After: Even white teeth for a beautiful smile
Whiter Even Teeth: After Treatment photo

To give our bride-to-be the smile she wanted we did a minor gum lift procedure. This meant that those short looking teeth looked longer. Composite resin was also bonded to her upper teeth to improve their shape, size and to give her the colour she wanted.

About the Treatments that Created this Even and Naturally White Smile

Because the patient wanted a whiter smile as well as even teeth, the process involved surgically removing some of the gum at the top of the teeth. Then resin composite was used to reshape the teeth to get that evenly spaced full smile in whiter colour that matched the patient’s desire for a whiter smile.

Gum Lift

Teeth Whitening in AdelaideThe patient went through an initial consultation with regards to the options available for getting the results she wanted. Her choice to have the gum lift meant that she would have a more permanent lengthened look to her teeth.

A gum lift is a surgical procedure where the gum tissues are reshaped to reveal more of the tooth. It can also be a solution for individuals who have a gummy smile that they’d like to modify.

Composite Bonding

wedding day smileComposite bonding (also called dental bonding) was chosen due to the young age and general great dental health of the patients teeth.

This quick and painless treatment gives the teeth a very natural appearance and allowed us to change the colour of this young woman’s teeth in a way that complimented the reshaping and general overall appearance of her smile.

Information for You

Every patient has different issues and needs when it comes to having confidence with their smile. Making each solution to having a beautiful smile a very personal and individual process.

We recommend that you speak to your dentist to find out what the best treatment options will be for you – not just for your budget but also to make sure that your teeth, gums and smile will look beautiful on your wedding day.

Beautifying Your Smile

Having teeth too short or that are uneven isn’t something you have to live with. Today there are a number of easy treatment options that will correct the shape and colour of your teeth to beautify your smile.

Consider speaking to your dentist or a specialist cosmetic dentist about your options before you give up. These days, virtually everyone can improve their smile.