Before: Stained Dental Veneers
Photo taken before dental restoration work on patient's old dental work

This gentleman had resin veneers applied 7 years ago and over time they had become very stained and the patient had become very unhappy with the look of his smile. He also wanted to see if it was possible to improve the shape and colour of his teeth so that they gave him a natural whiter smile.

After: Clean bright smile
Photo taken after dental restoration work on patient's old dental work

We spent time with the patient carefully planning his treatment and making sure that we understood exactly what it was he wanted once the treatment was complete. 10 porcelain veneers were used to restore the upper 10 front teeth.

About the Treatments that Created this Shiny Natural Looking Smile

Our patient had already experienced resin veneers and because of lifestyle decisions was concerned that they may not be the right solution for him. After careful consideration, Dental Care Professionals worked with the patient to create a treatment plan that would work in with his personal commitments and get him the results he was after.

The final treatment options chosen by the patient were a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. This gives our patient a smile that will maintain its shine for 15 years, with greater resistance to staining.

Porcelain Crowns

couple-smilingPorcelain crowns were selected to ensure that the overall smile of our patient maintained the same even natural shine over time as the dental work aged..

The porcelain crowns were applied to the individual teeth that had damaged portions above the gum line and needed to be repaired to give the appearance of whole teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Swimmer with a bright white smilePorcelain veneers were chosen for their shine and ability to give our patient an easy to maintain youthful glossy smile that’s longer lasting.

Porcelain veneers need some preparation of each tooth before they can be fitted. Each veneer needs to be custom made to fit each of your teeth exactly which can make this treatment slower to get the overall result you want. It’s also why you’ll need to work with your dentist to establish a treatment plan that fits in with your schedule.

It is important to note that this is a non-reversible procedure, which is why your dentist will want to ensure that you are clear on the dental procedures and how you need to care for your teeth during and after treatment.

Information for You

While this patient opted to have porcelain veneers, a great result is also achievable with replacement resin veneers. The thing about dental restoration of veneers is that when it comes to deciding what the right options are for you is to evaluate all not just on price, but to find out how your lifestyle will benefit with each option your dentist presents to you.

For you to really get the best outcome from dental restoration, we recommend you speak to a dentist to find out what will work best for you – not just for your budget but also to make sure that your teeth, gums and smile will look beautiful a lifetime.

Restoring Veneers

The process of restoring your veneers after staining or wearing is becoming much easier with new dental technologies such as CEREC, which allows your dentist to quickly make high precision crowns and veneers during your appointment. Something that only a little while ago was just not possible.

However you decide to invest in restoring your veneers you’ll want to ensure that you and your dentist have a treatment plan and that you both have a clear understanding of expectations for the results that are achieved.