Before: Short Yellow Front Teeth
Dental Care Professionals patient with short yellow teeth before treatment

When this patient first came to Dental Care Professionals he was really embarrassed to smile. At 45 he had already had some dental work done that he was concerned hadn’t aged well; particularly his two front teeth crowns which didn’t match the colour of his other teeth or have a nice shape.

After: Naturally Younger White Smile
Dental Care Professional patient after treatment to whiten and lengthen small teeth

Replacing his two front crowns and using porcelain veneers has given him a new confidence that his friends and family noticed because he happily smiles often now.

About the Treatments that Restored this patient’s Smile

Because the patient wanted brighter smile as well as more naturally shaped front teeth, the process involved replacing old crowns with veneer place porcelain that was colour matched to the patients teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

couple-smilingPorcelain veneers were chosen for their shine and to give the patient an easy to maintain youthful glossy smile.

Porcelain veneers need some preparation of each tooth before they can be fitted; with each veneer being custom made to fit each of your teeth exactly. This is a non-reversible procedure so the patient was very involved in the entire treatment process to ensure she was well informed and got the result that she wanted.

Information for You

When it comes to restoring or replacing older dental work, your dentist will need to evaluate your current situation, oral health and the results you would like to end up with. This is a very personal type of dental work, because every patient’s needs and situation are different.

Your dentist is best placed to advise you on the treatments specifically suited to get you the results you want and then work with you to fit your treatment path in with your commitments, budget and recovery between appointments.

Dental Restoration Treatment

Having older dental work updated, gives patients many new treatment options due to the many new dental technologies and safer materials that can now be used.

There’s no reason to live with a smile you’re embarrassed to show.