Before: Old Discoloured Crown with Front Teeth Gap
Fix colour of crowns and gaps between teeth: Before Treatment ph

A 45 year old male patient was unhappy with the gap between his teeth and the colour of his 30 year old crowns which no longer suited the colour of his natural teeth.

After: Bright Clean Coloured Teeth and Gap Free Smile
Fix colour of crowns and gaps between teeth: After Treatment pho

By replacing the old crowns with two new porcelain crowns for a better colour match and by closing the gap between the two front teeth the patient was able to have a more youthful smile.

About the Treatments that Created this Whiter Gap Free Smile

Because the patient wanted a whiter smile and to get rid of the gap between his front two teeth, newly made porcelain crowns were created and fitted that would solve both problems.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns achieve a natural white smileReplacing the old resin crown on the front tooth which had discoloured with a new porcelain crown meant that the patient was able to still retain some of their own tooth underneath.

For this patient the option of a porcelain crown gave them the added benefit of having an artificial tooth with a finish that looks like natural tooth enamel. This gives it a natural looking shine to create an overall full glossy youthful smile.

Information for You

Over time most patients may need to replace older dental crowns and bridges due to failure (where something cracks or breaks) or discolouration, like the example with this patient. At this time you will have the choice to replace with a resin replacement or porcelain. There are benefits for either treatment option that your dentist will be able to explain to you in great detail when you get to that point.

Some dentists, like the team at Dental Care Professionals, will also be able to give you the option of a CEREC crown replacement. This treatment option means that you could have your old crown fully replaced in just one visit to the dentist, which gives you a beautiful porcelain or resin replacement in a fraction of the time it takes with Dental Lab created crowns.

Replacing Old Discoloured Crowns

Modern dentistry gives patients more treatment options; even when replacing older dental work such as crowns and bridges.

While there are more options not all may be suitable for your particular situation, that’s why it’s important to talk to your dentist to understand why they are recommending the treatments they are to you.