Before: Broken Front Tooth
Fix a broken front tooth: Before Treatment photo

One week before his wedding, this 29 year old groom-to-be was hit in the face and fractured his front tooth.

After: Repaired Broken Tooth
Fix a broken front tooth: After Treatment photo

In just one appointment the tooth was restored with composite resin.

About the Treatment that Restored a Full Smile

With time being short, it was vital that the treatment be done quickly and with a perfect outcome. These requirements narrowed the options for the patient to a composite resin veneer.

Composite Resin Veneers

White teeth with veneersBeing able to directly apply composite resin to the damaged tooth made this solution the quickest and most effective for the patient given how busy he was in the lead up to his wedding day.

Composite resin was coloured matched to the patient’s other teeth and the remaining part of the front tooth that had been broken. Some clean up and preservation work was done and then the veneer was applied to give back a full natural looking smile.

Information for You

There are a few treatment options available to you when it comes to repairing a broken tooth. Depending on how extensive the damage is and the general health of your mouth and surrounding teeth will determine the choices you personally have.

Your dentist is able to assess your particular situation and advise you accordingly. If you’re unsatisfied that you’ve been given all possible options or a proper explanation of why your dentist is recommending a particular course of action, you need to ask more questions and can always seek a second opinion.


Broken Teeth Treatment

A broken tooth or several broken teeth will dramatically affect your face and while some people believe that they are better off not seeking treatment, decay and nerve damage can cause major problems if broken teeth are left unprotected.

In the past, if you had a broken tooth you had limited choices as to what to do, including removing the tooth and having a gap. Today there are a number of treatment options that are give you pleasing results, so that you can smile widely again.