Before: Broken Front Tooth

This young patient came Dental Care Professionals as an emergency case. After smashing his front tooth at school, he and his mum were in hysterics and devastated because of the damage that had been done to his front tooth. They didn’t know if there was anything that could be done to fix the broken front tooth.

After: Repaired Broken Front Tooth

After a careful inspection and cleaning up the tooth and mouth to see the extent of the damage. The tooth was carefully colour matched and three different colours of composite resin were used to build up the tooth to its original shape and natural shade. The boy’s mother was surprised and happy that this was performed in a single appointment.

About the Treatments that Rescued this Little Boy’s Smile

With so much anxiety and concern about what was going to happen next, it was important that the treatment addressed each worry both mother and child had. For choice of treatment options, this made treating the broken tooth by applying a composite resin veneer the choice selected by this family.

Composite Resin Veneers

White teeth with composite veneersWith so much fear about the treatment, being able to apply composite resin directly on the the damaged tooth meant that the treatment was able to be carreid out in a single appointment..

Building up the tooth in composite resin material using different shades allowed the repaired tooth to look natural.The resulting repair is it difficult to detect or see that any damage had ever been done to the tooth.

Information for You

When you break a tooth there are a few treatment options for you. Depending on how extensive the damage is when the tooth is broken, and the overall health of your mouth will determine what your choices are.

Talking to your dentist is the best first step as they will be able to assess your particular situation and advise you on what can realistically be done for you.


Broken Teeth Treatment

Your entire appearance can be changed in an instant when you break a tooth. Even if the break is a tiny chip, it’s easy to become self-conscious and anxious about what can be done to solve the problem.

The best person to ask in this situation is a fully trained and qualified dentist. They are the only people who can give you a proper course of action and realistic treatment options in this situation. The risks of getting the situation incorrectly treated or leaving it untreated are high and can have very serious long-term issues.