Before: Snaggle Tooth
Snaggle tooth canine teeth out of alignment

A 51 year old patient came to our dental clinic because he wanted to improve the look of his teeth.

After: Even Teeth and White Smile
From snaggle tooth to straight even smile

Patient had Composite resin veneers placed on his upper front 4 teeth. This was done in a single appointment.

About the Treatments that Created this Even White Smile

The patient’s desire to have a whiter smile as well as straight even teeth, the use of composite resin veneers solved both issues. The composite resin was coloured matched to the whiteness that the patient wanted and would best match the rest of his teeth to create a natural looking whiter smile.

Composite Resin Veneers

Dental Care Professionals can give you an even beautiful white smile with porcelain veneersAfter extensive consultation with the patient to discuss all the options available to them, the patient decided to have composite veneers applied.

Also called, Composite Resin direct bonding; having composite veneers applied only takes one appointment to achieve beautiful smile results.

The patient liked the idea that this treatment could be reserved and would also give him the ability to have a whiter smile without bleaching.

Each tooth was carefully reshaped with each bonding process to craft an even smile and balance out the patients teeth, without moving or altering the teeth underneath.

Information for You

Other people with crooked teeth may choose different treatment options to the one used for this patient..

Only you can decide what is the best treatment for your situation. So talk to a dentist to find out what all your treatment options are.

Snaggle Teeth Treatment

Having uneven teeth that look crooked when you smile is something that can be embarrassing, especially in our image conscious world.

Beyond braces and Invisalign, there are many other treatment options available for people with slightly crooked teeth, snaggle teeth and teeth that are a little out of alignment.