Before: Short Teeth Wearing

A 30 year old man came to Dental Care Professionals hoping for help because his teeth were wearing down. Over the years his teeth had become shorter. He was very worried with the look of his teeth and was having lots of problems with sensitivity.

After: Longer Teeth

His top 10 front teeth were re-built up with direct composite resin. This treatment protected his natural teeth and gave him back the longer teeth he once had. This entire treatment was done in a single appointment.

About the Treatments that Created this Longer Teeth Smile

The patient wanted bigger teeth and was concerned that the treatment should not do any further damage to his natural teeth, which were very worn down.

The patient was also very concerned with tooth sensitivity caused by the wearing down of his teeth and for how much longer he’d be able to go on before he had to resort to something like a denture (something he wanted to avoid).

The option to have composite resin dental bonding not only mades his teeth look longer and also protect his natural teeth to reduce symptoms of sensitivity. This treatment approach really appealed to the patient and was suitable for his circumstances. Using directly applied composite resin, each tooth was colour matched and sculpted to create a natural looking longer tooth.

Composite Resin Dental Bonding

Dental Care Professionals can give you an even beautiful white smile with porcelain veneersThrough directly applying composite resin to the teeth, the length and shape could be returned to their original form giving the patient confidence with what he liked to call his younger and fuller smile.

Dental bonding is a technique that can be performed in one appointment to achieve lasting results when used for patients with the right oral hygiene and health. It can be an overnight fix for some patients. tIn this case, our patient has gained confidence as well as a smile that he believed was gone forever.

Information for You

Some patients with small teeth may get benefits out of some form of composite resin dental bonding for their particular problem. It has become one of the most popular ways for patients who want to preserve their wearing teeth. This form of treatment can also assist those people who are born with small teeth and want to get rid of their gummy smile.

We recommend that you speak to a dentist to find out what will work best for you – not just for your budget but also to make sure that your teeth, gums and smile will look beautiful a lifetime.

Small Teeth Treatment

Having teeth that are short because of wearing can be very worrying and make you anxious about the look of your smile. For some having small teeth that make you look like you are all gums when you smile is considered ugly and something to be ashamed of.

Today there are a number of treatment options that will give you longer teeth and a beautiful smile.

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