Before: Small Incisor Teeth Uneven Smile

A young woman in her mid 20’s came to Dental Care Professionals because one of her front top teeth was much smaller than the rest of her teeth and it made her feel very self-conscious. She told us because of this tooth she hardly ever smiled.

After: Top Teeth Even Smile

The size of the small tooth and the adjacent teeth was changed by direct composite resin application to give her a natural looking even smile. The composite resin applied to the small incisor and sever of her other upper teeth gave her smile the appearance of looking regular.

About the Treatment that Created this Even Teeth Smile

To get the evenly sized tooth smile the patient wanted, the size of her incisor (eye) teeth and a number of other teeth was changed. Applying composite resin  directly to the teeth; with careful colour matching and sculpting. The patient’s teeth were cosmetically adjusted for a natural looking even smile. The entire treatment process was completed in one appointment.

Composite Resin Dental Bonding

Dental Care Professionals can give you an even beautiful white smile with porcelain veneersWhen composite resin is  applied directly to the tooth, the tooth is first etched and then a process of colour matching and sculpting is undertaken to arrive at the ideally shaped tooth. The adhesively bonded resin is built up directly on the tooth surface and uses light to cure the bonding agent (the chemical that makes the resin stick to your tooth).

This treatment is very fast when compared with other treatment options. It allowed our patient to achieve a dramatic overnight change to the appearance of her smile in a single dental appointment.

Information for You

Some patients with small teeth may need different treatment options to the one used for this patient, to achieve the smile you want. Crown lengthening, removing gum tissue and dental bonding are other treatments that can be helpful alternatives for patients depending on your individual situation.

We recommend that you speak to a dentist to find out what will work best for you – not just for your budget but also to make sure that your teeth, gums and smile will look beautiful a lifetime.

Small Teeth Treatment

Having teeth too short or tiny teeth that give you an uneven smile can have a terrible impact on your confidence.

In the past if you had small teeth it was something you’d have to live with, but now there are a number of easy treatment options to choose from that will give you even teeth and a beautiful smile.

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