Before: Short Teeth From Grinding
Before treatment photo of short teeth from grinding

With a history of grinding his teeth, as well as drinking lots of acidic drinks (in particular soft drinks), this 30 year old patient was concerned with the look of his shortening teeth. Worried that his front teeth were getting so short that soon you wouldn’t be able to see them when he smiled. He didn’t know if anything could be done to help when he came to Dental Care Professionals.

After: Longer Teeth Natural-looking Smile
After treatment photo where short teeth from grinding have been made longer

After careful review and lots of discussion with the patient, it was decided that composite bonding was the treatment that would work well in his situation. In a single appointment, his teeth were lengthened; with careful colour matching and sculpting as the composite resin was applied to the patients upper 6 front teeth. Within a single appointment his top 6 front teeth were restored to their original length before the heavy wearing from grinding had shortened them.

About the Treatments that Restored this Natural Tooth Smile

While this patient’s teeth had enamel damage due to grinding and lots of exposure to acidic drinks, his teeth were in a good condition and so the option to use composite resin bonding was the one that appealed most to the patient. It meant that his real teeth would be protected underneath the resin composite material while giving him a smile that looked natural. Composite resin veneers can be applied in a single dentist visit, which makes this treatment an ideal option for candidate patients who are time poor.

Composite Resin Veneers

White teeth with composite veneersOften called the overnight dental make-over solution, Composite Bonding is a fast and low impact treatment option that appeals to many patients that have problems with the shape or size of their teeth.

The patient’s fear that his situation was unsolvable, meant that he was very excited when he was presented with a number of alternatives to his situation. He elected to go with Composite Resin Veneers because the treatment would give him the look he wanted in the shortest time.

In a single appointment, the top front 6 teeth were each treated individual by applying composite filling material to each tooth after carefully colour matching and assessment of the final tooth shape and length that needed to be achieved.

The ideal outcome was achieved and a natural looking smile that fit with the patient’s jaw and facial structure was created.

Information for You

Patients that grind their teeth often develop issues that ought to be treated as soon as they become noticeable; or at least monitored. Mostly the changes to your teeth will be slow, so if you do grind your teeth there is no need to immediately panic.

Making sure you turn up for your regular check-ups with your dentist so that they can assess the damage each time, and also give you advice on whether you need to start preparing for treatment options is a wise idea.


Short Top Front Teeth Treatment

Having short teeth or lots of wearing damage to your teeth that give you a gummy smile can be upsetting. With newer dental treatment options there are a number of ways your dentist can give you longer natural looking teeth.

Visit your dentist to find out what can be done to protect your natural teeth and give you a confident longer tooth smile..