Before: Implants Missing
Fix Missing Implants and Gaps Between Teeth: Before Treatment ph

A man in his 40s came to Dental Care Professionals to help him correct his smile and some problems he was having with missing teeth. In particular, he didn’t like the small gaps he had between some teeth and had heard implants were a great way of replacing missing teeth.

After: Implants Replaced and Full Smile Restored
Fix Missing Implants and Gaps Between Teeth: After Treatment pho

Implants were put in and where teeth were missing, his smile was restored with porcelain crowns. To give this man the smile he wanted, direct composite resin material was applied to close the gaps between teeth, the implants were restored with porcelain crowns.

About the Treatments that Created this Full Smile

With missing implants, this patient wanted to have back his full smile – no gaps. New implants were inserted for the patient with porcelain crowns. Where gaps between other teeth existed, composite resin was directly applied to reshape teeth and get rid of the gaps.

Dental Implants

new-smile-implantsThis patient had already had dental implants, so required a review to ensure that new work could be added to the existing structures.

Once the assessment was completed, together with some cleaning, the patient was made ready for the next part of the treatment plan.

Porcelain Crowns

couple-smilingComplete dental crowns were needed for the patient, to fill in the gaps where implants existed but a tooth was missing. Simply by inserting the new crowns the patient immediately had improved facial tone and smile.

Selecting porcelain for the crowns, meant the patient was able to have glossy natural looking replacement teeth that colour matched well the rest of the teeth to give a full authentic looking smile.

Dental Bonding Composite Resin

Dental Care Professionals can give you an even beautiful white smile with porcelain veneersApplying composite resin directly to the surface of teeth either side of a gap in your smile allows those gaps to be closed in a way that is sympathetic to the rest of your smile and feels natural to your mouth and tongue.

Bonding the composite resin in this way is a fast and pain free solution that allowed the other healthy teeth to be preserved while achieving the overall natural smile that the patient wanted.

Information for You

Replacing missing crowns and bridges when implants are intact is a relatively easy task. Once implants are damaged or when they are left uncovered for prolonged periods the risk of infections and other problems can make adding new dental work more difficult.

Getting a temporary crown or bridge in place to protect your implants is very important if you want to reduce the risk of later costly and painful repair treatments.

We recommend that you speak to a dentist to find out what will work best for you – not just for your budget but also to make sure that your teeth, gums and smile will look beautiful a lifetime.

Missing Implants Treatment

When a crown or bridge fails or breaks there can be a temptation to leave the situation unattended, because of a concern over the cost to fix the problem.

Your dentist will advise against this, not because they want you to spend money with them, but because the amount of other damage that can happen to, not just your implants but other surrounding teeth can mean you do irreparable damage by leaving them unprotected. Infections in the jawbone itself from leaving implants unprotected can leave you with no treatment options and serious facial disfigurement.

It’s important to consult a dentist as soon as anything goes wrong with your implants, dental crowns or bridges, so that they can give you options; even if it’s only to help you with a special new cleaning and hygiene routine.