Before: Gap Between Front Teeth
Before: Fixing a gap in between the front teeth

This patient came to Dental Care Professionals wanting the large gap between his front teeth to be fixed. He wasn’t sure whether this could be done and so was very reserved when he first started to talk about what his problem was.

After: Even Teeth with a Gap Free Smile
After: Fixing a gap in between the front teeth

After lots of discussion about the different treatment approaches that where possible for this patient. He decided to have dental bonding applied as the treatment option for him. In just one 60 minute appointment, using composite resin tooth bonding, his front two teeth were reshaped and his gap was gone.

About the Treatments that Closed the Front Tooth Gap

The main issue for this patient was that the size of his two front teeth, which were small, was creating the appearance of a big gap between his two front teeth. To close the gap and achieve the even tooth smile the patient wanted, composite resin veneers were applied. This allowed the patient to get the result he wanted in a single appointment.

Composite Resin Veneers

White teeth with veneersComposite resin veneers were chosen for their ease to apply and limited impact on the natural tooth underneath. The patient’s teeth were healthy and it was important to provide a treatment option that was low impact and preserved the teeth.

When applying veneers, it’s important that the shape and colour of the veneer matches and suits the rest of the teeth so that you get a natural looking smile. Giving the patient a rectangular shaped front tooth veneer for each of the front teeth would have changed the appearance of the smile radically and impacted on the wear of neighbouring teeth. So a sympathetic shape was used that best suits the gum line and incisors.

Information for You

Each patient’s need for correcting a front tooth gap is different; and whilst the treatment used for this patient may be suitable for many people with this problem the resulting effect should best suit your face and smile.

We recommend that you take your time when speaking to your dentist about correcting the gap in your front teeth, so that you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want. It’s through doing this that you’ll be confident that you get the right result for you and there’ll be no surprises once the work is done.


The Treatment for Removing a Gap between Teeth

From time to time, it becomes fashionable to have a small gap between your teeth; however mostly people find a gap between any of their teeth, especially those that show when they smile, is unattractive.

This is a cosmetic dental procedure that can only be performed by a dentist. In some cases, a gap may be closed by realigning teeth with braces, in others you may need a treatment like the one provided to this patient.