Before: Small Teeth
Short teeth before cosmetic dentistry

Our 59 year old patient was really unhappy with her smile and hated that when she smiled you couldn’t see her top teeth at all.

After: Natural Full Even Smile
After cosmetic dental treatment to create a natural even smile

After a long discussion about all the different treatment options that could be used. Porcelain Veneers made using a CEREC machine were bonded to the patients upper front six teeth in a single appointment.

About the Treatments that Created this Natural Full and Even Smile

The treatment plan to give this patient the smile she wanted, several different treatment options where used. To give the patient the longer, even top teeth she wanted the Cerec system was used to create porcelain veneers for her 6 top front teeth. Choosing to use Cerec, meant that the porcelain veneers could be created and fitted in a single appointment so the patient got an instant smile. As her bottom grey teeth were otherwise healthy, the option of composite resin veneer was used to mask the grey of her own teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic Dentistry with porecelain veneersGetting a long lasting and natural smile was a priority for our patient, which is why the option of porcelain veneers was presented to her as a treatment that would resolve the problem of her top front teeth.

Using the Cerec system for creating the veneers enabled her to get the change needed, achieved in one day in one appointment. Cerec is a new dental technology that allows us to give patient’s veneers in a much shorter time frame, which means there’s less anxiety for the patient and they still get a great looking and long lasting result.

Composite Resin Veneers

Composite resin veneers a cosmetic dental solutionComposite resin is a suitable option for masking discoloured teeth, where the underlying tooth is healthy and the overall oral hygiene for the patient is great.

Our patient loved this treatment option because it was less invasive and if she didn’t like the look it could be reversed. With very little tooth preparation required to veneer the grey teeth, this treatment got the patient results rapidly.

Information for You

We recommend speaking to your dentist about the many new treatments that are available to patients when considering how they can improve the look of there smile.

With so many new options available for getting a beautiful natural looking smile, like our patient, a combination of different treatments can be used to get you a fabulous result that works for you and your lifestyle.

Natural Smile Treatment

Having teeth too short or discoloured from age doesn’t mean that you have to resort to drastic dental surgery to get a beautiful smile any more. You can even get a natural full and even smile from a single appointment, like this patient.

While this treatment plan was designed especially with the needs and results this particular patient wanted, you too can have something planned specifically for you.