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General Dentistry - Fillings, Crowns & Dentures

Time-tested dental care whether it’s restoration to improve the function of your teeth (making them stronger than they are right now) or extractions to prevent other complications. There are many dental treatment options that have withstood the test of time and can last for a long period of time giving patients improved quality of life. Our general dentist clinics are conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD & Brighton SA, welcoming patients from all over Adelaide.

With so many newer dental options now available, they may appear to be old-fashioned; however these traditional treatments have lots of benefits for patients which is why they are still offered and used today.

For example – amalgam fillings are –

  • Supported by the Australian Dental Association and the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • Extremely durable and long lasting when compared to other types of filling materials.
  • An excellent, cost-effective option when strength is important.