• Dental Care Professionals is Open

    With the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia and around the globe continuing to significantly disrupt life as we know it, the dental industry as a whole has altered and/or reduced the range of services offered, with some practices even closing their doors.

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  • We are Open to Safely Provide Your Dental Care

    We want to assure you we remain open and are able to continue to see you safely for your dental treatment. We wish to thank you for your support and feel that we need to let you know what is happening regarding our dental clinics in Brighton and Adelaide.

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  • Are At Home Teeth Aligners Safe?

    Are At Home Teeth Aligners Safe?

    We’ve all seen them advertised on our social media newsfeeds: the latest herbal tea to rid your body of toxins you never knew you had; pills or powders that will make your hair and/or skin glow like a Kardashian; milkshakes that will have you looking like a fitness supermodel within weeks (no exercise necessary, of

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  • Tooth Friendly Party Foods: Recipes and Tips from Your Dentist

    Tooth Friendly Party Foods: Recipes and Tips from Your Dentist

    Party Foods For the Best Teethy Christmas The “silly season” is just around the corner… that means gifts, friends and parties. Fruit mince pies. Gingerbread. A nice glass of eggnog – with or without the brandy. For many, these are essentials during the end-of-year holiday season. If you’re concerned about your oral health during Christmas,

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