• Preventive Dentistry Benefits: Save Money with Better Dental Health

    By practicing good dental hygiene you can avoid the significant costs of extensive and expensive dental procedures. Many people end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on dental work that could have been wholly avoided with good oral hygiene.

    At Dental Care Professionals, we work with our patients toward great dental health.

    Here are some tips to make sure you take proper care of your teeth and gums to prevent problems and preserve your beautiful smile!


    Brushing your teeth should take between two and three minutes.

    Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth and Gums Properly

    Preventive Dentistry begins with brushing and flossing twice each day. Make sure to brush all of the surfaces of your teeth and floss thoroughly, and use a fluoride toothpaste and dental rinse. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and helps prevent tooth decay.

    Healthy Eating Habits Help to Avoid Oral Problems

    Eat right. Avoid sugary snacks and foods that can cause plaque and remain stuck between your teeth where they can potentially create the bacteria that leads to tooth decay. Also make sure you get enough calcium for gum and jaw health.

    Visit Your Dentist for Regular Check-Ups

    Maintain a schedule of regular visits to your dentist for dental check-ups and teeth cleaning at least twice a year though more often if you are at risk for tooth decay or gum disease.

    Dental visits will help you determine if there are any problems that can be taken care of before the get worse. X-rays will help find problems that can’t be seen such including cavities between your teeth.

    Monitor Your Own Oral Health

    Pay attention to your mouth and be aware if you feel any symptoms of cavities forming. Sensitive teeth or sudden pains when exposed to hot or cold may be a sign that a problem has begun.

    When discomfort or pain occurs make sure to visit your dentist in order to prevent any cavities or other issues from worsening, and potentially causing the need for more expensive dental procedures.

    Preventive Dentistry Provides Many Benefits

    Your overall dental health can affect many areas of your life from speaking and eating to your general self-esteem due to your smile. Preventive dentistry also helps to ensure you avoid common oral diseases such as gingevitis, tooth decay and other significant dental problems.

    By taking care of your teeth and gums you can improve not just your dental health but your overall health and well-being.

    Preventing dental problems saves lots of money in the long run, and also preserves your beautiful smile and helps you feel better about yourself.

    See your dentist for regular check-ups.

    Taking Care of Your Dental Hygiene – Dental Care Professionals

    Call your local dentist at Dental Care Professionals to consult about any and all of your dental needs. You may also wish to schedule an appointment for a more in-depth conversation about your dental options including family and cosmetic dentistry.

    Dental Care Professionals have clinics conveniently located in Adelaide and Brighton.

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