• Porcelain Veneers: How Do I Decide If They’re For Me?

    What should I consider when deciding if porcelain veneers are for me?

    It’s important to know about the process of applying porcelain veneers before deciding if they’re the best option for you.

    Porcelain veneers consist of several thin layers of ceramic laminate, which include an adhesive layer and layers to replace the original tooth enamel. Before applying the veneers a small amount of the original enamel must be removed. Only less than a millimetre is removed during this part of the procedure. This step must be done to ensure there is enough room for the veneer to fit within the mouth in order to restore natural tooth function as well as creating an appearance better than the original tooth.

    This part of the process is important not only because it creates the desired look but because it makes a strong bond between the tooth and the porcelain veneer. It is important that the bond be strong so that the veneer can function correctly. The dentist finishes the process by placing a light-sensitive resin between the tooth and the veneer and then hardening the bond by using a curing light.

    Minimal veneers are another product that are an alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. The dentist doesn’t have to remove as much of the enamel to bond the minimal veneers to your teeth. These veneers are a good option since they can be done more quickly and the patient experiences less discomfort than in the process to attach traditional veers. Not everyone can undergo this option, however. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for this style of minimal preparation veneers.

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