• Local Community, Patient Care and Independent Dentists

    Independent Dentists – Providing the Right Care that Patients Deserve

    When it comes to the health of you and your smile, who you choose as a dentist is critical in ensuring long term optimal oral health and wellbeing.

    The Independent Dentist Network

    Health funds and larger corporate groups are gaining increasing control over what treatment options are provided and to who in dentistry. Unfortunately patients are the ones who are suffering.

    Independent Dentist Network (IDN) was established in response to this take-over. Where health funds and corporate entities have become increasingly involved in the management and ownership of dental practices. Which many believe is taking the “care” out of dental and oral health care giving.

    Founder and Managing Director of IDN, Mervin Saultry recognised the “need to unite independent dentists nationwide to allow easy access for the public to find high quality independent dental practitioners that they can trust”.

    Independent Dentist Network (IDN) is a National network of successful independent dentists that offers patients a refreshing alternative. Ensuring they are able to receive the right dental treatment they deserve from an independent dentist they are comfortable with.

    Dental Care Professionals, with clinics in Adelaide and Brighton is a proud member of the Independent Dentist Network and provides high quality independent dental care to the local community.

    Why Choose an Independent Dentist?

    Primarily, Independent Dentists are free from the external controlling influences of health funds and corporate entities. This freedom allows independent dentists to ensure their patients receive the most appropriate treatment options for themselves and their family. That means your dentist can present all possible treatment options.

    Treatment decisions reached between patient and dentist are not restricted to, or compromised by, third party clinical direction from someone you’ve never met. Meaning the relationship between patient, dentist and treatment is not influenced by forecasts, targets or budgets.

    At an Independent Dentist you get full freedom of choice with your treatment options. You choose. You decide.

    When choosing an independent dentist, a patient knows their treatment plan will be based on sound clinical evidence and advice that is uniquely formulated to suit your individual needs.

    Independent Dentists Supporting Local Communities

    Independent Dentist Network members are also actively involved in their local community. Many of the members are currently supporting local sports clubs and charities and go above and beyond to support their local residents and organisations.

    As local community members, independent dentists are passionate about helping their community grow and flourish, and Dental Care Professionals is a great example of that!

    Irrespective of what health funds attempt to dictate, independent dentists strive to ensure consistency of treatment and care for all patients. No matter what health fund or level you have.

    “For us it’s about providing quality treatment to all patients and providing the right care that they deserve” states Practice Principal of successful Adelaide and Brighton Dental Care Professionals clinics, Dr Alan Fassina.

    When you are sick of being treated like a number or just want kindness, courtesy and care from your dental care professional. Make an appointment and experience the difference in care you receive from an independent dentist.

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