• Is It Possible to Close Spaces Between My Front Teeth Without Braces?

    What can I do about the ugly space between my two front teeth?

    Before your dentist can present you with appropriate treatment options, they first need to determine why you have those spaces.

    Depending on your specific situation, the treatment options may range from braces to dental bonding.

    Is it possible to close the space between my front teeth without braces?

    Yes, with dental bonding, which is the bonding of composite resin to the natural tooth structure is a modern aesthetic dental technique for making your teeth wider or reshaped to close gaps between teeth

    Composite Resin Bonding requires minimal and in some cases, no removal of tooth structure, so it doesn’t affect the strength or vitality of your natural tooth.

    Dental bonding is sticking a tooth coloured resin to your existing tooth, and is one of the easiest and most effective treatments for closing those spaces.

    Because the new dental resins are capable of imitating natural tooth surfaces realistically, nobody will be able tell you have had anything done to your teeth.

    Together with your dentist you are able to select a colour of composite resin that exactly matches your teeth or it can be used to give you a whiter smile. When well colour matched, the composite resin becomes indistinguishable from your natural tooth.

    This technique gives you excellent aesthetic results while being entirely reversible and usually completed in a single dental appointment.

    A Short Video to Explain Dental Bonding

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