• Is it OK if my gums bleed?

    Is it OK if my gums bleed?

    While bleeding gums are common, it is not OK.

    When you have healthy gums they will not bleed, so bleeding gums mean that you have an infection or inflammation of some type.

    There are several different possibilities why your gums may be bleeding:

    You have traumatised the area with excessive or harsh treatment

    The wrong type of toothbrush or being too aggressive with brushing technique can be a factor here. Also, if you’ve just been to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned your gums may be inflamed from the process temporarily. A knock to the mouth that causes swelling (even if you are wearing a mouthguard) will also make your gums inflamed and vulnerable for a while afterwards.

    You have an inflammation caused by bacteria

    If you have bacteria on the surface of tooth that isn’t being cleared away with tooth brushing or the right oral hygiene habits, this will cause inflammation of the neighbouring gums to cause bleeding. This type of inflammation is called Gingivitis and can be treated easily and prevented by using the right cleaning techniques.

    You have other health issues

    Certain serious medical conditions or medications you take as part of treatment will cause your gums to bleed.

    It is difficult to detect which of these things is most likely the cause of your bleeding gums. Even if you are taking medications, it’s still possible for the cause of your bleeding gums to be something else. So getting a diagnosis from your dentist is the best way to confirm that you are making the right changes to stop the bleeding.


    What can I do if my gums are bleeding?

    Having the right oral hygiene habits for your particular genetics and lifestyle are one of the best ways of preventing bleeding gums.

    If you’re at the point where you now having bleeding gums, and if the bleeding goes on for more than 2 days, it’s time to make an appointment to see your dentist. A check-up appointment will allow them to diagnose what is going on and why. They will also be able to give you help with an oral health program for you that will keep your gums and teeth healthy.

    If you’ve got pain as well as bleeding gums you definitely need to see your dentist. Make a call now.

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