• Is Fluoride Dangerous?

    Is fluoride dangerous?

    There are some agencies that will assert that fluoride is bad for you. Your Dentist will say No, and here’s why…

    Over the last 70 years a number of scientifically-based large-scale population studies have concluded that fluoride is excellent at preventing tooth decay and has little or minimal adverse impact on human health.

    In fact, water fluoridation is supported by the World Health Organisation (World Health Assembly, 1978), the Australian Dental Association, the Australian Medical Association and the National Health Medical and Research Council.

    75% of Australia is currently fluoridated through it’s water supply and it is evident when you watch reality TV how beneficial it has been for Australian’s when you see the smiles and teeth of people from other less fortunate countries.

    Interestingly, Dentists in Australia have noted a trend towards increased dental disease and tooth decay since the popularity of drinking bottled water began (bottled water is not fluoridated).

    To find out more about the scientific evidence that disputes claims about the danger of fluoride, visit the ‘I Like My Teeth’ website to sort the fact from fiction in the fluoride is dangerous debate.

    What is fluoride?

    Fluoride is a naturally occurring ion that comes from Fluorine.

    The benefits of Fluoride where discovered when research was done into why it was that people who had naturally fluoridated water were found to have much healthier and stronger teeth than everyone else.

    Since this early discovery there have been over 30,000 studies into the effects and safety of fluoride and no evidence has ever been found been found that water fluoridation causes any health side effects.

    The reason your Dentist likes fluoride is because it has been shown to reduce the number of cavities a person will develop over their lifetime by around half, by making your tooth enamel resistant to the acid plaque bacteria produce.

    Should I use a fluoride toothpaste?

    Yes. Whether you choose to drink fluoride free water (bottled or ion filtered water) or not, applying fluoride to the surface of your teeth even for the short time that you are brushing your teeth is helping your tooth enamel.

    The Australia Dental Association recommends the use of fluoride toothpastes and its use as follows:

    Need for Fluoride Age
    From first tooth to 17 months old From 18 months to 5 years old Over 6 years old
    Your water supply optimally fluoridated Teeth to be cleaned without toothpaste Use a pea-sized amount of child strength toothpaste and clean your teeth twice daily. Use adult strength toothpaste and clean your teeth twice daily<./td>
    Natural water supply is fluoridated at or close to optimal levels Teeth to be cleaned without toothpaste Use a pea-sized amount of child strength toothpaste and clean twice daily. Use adult strength toothpaste to clean your teeth twice a day.
    You have been assessed as being high risk for dental diseases Follow your Dentist’s advice, which may include using child strength toothpaste. Follow your Dentist’s advice, which may include using adult strength toothpaste. Your Dentist may advise you to brush your teeth more often with adult strength toothpaste.
    Your water supply is not optimally fluoridated. Your Dentist may suggest additional forms of fluoride be considered. Your Dentist may advise that adult strength toothpaste or other topical forms of fluoride be used. Follow Your Dentist’s advice, which may include gels or foams be used.
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