• Introducing the Dental Care Professionals Corporate Dental Program

    Healthy Smiles, Healthy Workers – Introducing the Dental Care Professionals Corporate Dental Program

    We live in a hectic world where being busy is part of the everyday norm! In order to keep up this pace we need to also keep ourselves as healthy as possible so that we can in turn be productive and able to cope and thrive.

    Dental Care Professionals, located in Adelaide and Brighton is delighted to be able to specifically cater to the busy lifestyle needs of local patients by providing a new Corporate Dental Program.

    It is important and necessary to fit caring for your teeth and gums into an already crowded diary instead of putting it on the back-burner, a temptation when there’s so much to do. After all, we manage to find the time to get our cars serviced and our hair styled so why not care for our teeth, which is arguably far more important than many other activities we undertake.

    We are experiencing an ever-increasing sense of ‘busyness’, time is such a crucial commodity and unfortunately adequate dental care is often being neglected due to lack of time.

    Foundational effective oral hygiene is also often being abandoned, including correct daily brushing and flossing habits leading to a raised incidence of poor oral health that could have been avoided. A recent survey commissioned by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), also revealed that only 51% of Australians brush twice-a-day, only 17% floss regularly, and only 35% visit their dentist at the recommended frequency.

    Dental Care Professionals is observing an increased presentation of individuals with bruxism, headaches and TMJ, often correlating to raised stress levels and anxiety that may be a resulting factor of these busy lifestyles.

    Working some of the longest work weeks in the industrialised world, Australians are constantly trying to juggle an array of extracurricular activities, both theirs and their kids, scheduling time for a whole host of appointments can be a challenge. Unfortunately, that means many things fall by the wayside including oral health which people see as an expendable part of their day. The new Corporate Dental Program has been designed to make it easier to effectively manage dental health around our busy working lifestyles.

    Healthy Smile, Healthy Workers – Healthy Employees Are Likely to Be 3 x More Productive

    Research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body. For example, when your mouth is healthy, chances are your overall health is good, too. On the other hand, if you have poor oral health, you may have other health problems.

    A recent study indicated that the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues. Health, happiness, and productivity at work are directly related, and your company has an opportunity to foster these with a Corporate Dental Program.

    Dental Care Professionals Corporate Dental Program

    To find out more about this exciting new initiative from Dental Care Professionals download a Corporate Dental Program brochure or call and speak with a Practice Manager to discover how it would work for you. Call 8232 3280.

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