• How Many Dentist Appointments Do I Need For Dental Implants?

    How many visits to the Dentist do I need for Dental Implants?

    In the best case scenario, when you have good oral hygiene and your case is simple, it can take as few as two visits to your dentist to perform the treatment and place your dental implants.

    This is however, only an estimated number of visits based on all conditions being excellent for the treatment. Usually because people are all unique, and circumstances can be very different from person to person, the actual number of appointments and how much time is needed for recovery or for the dental technician to do their work, varies greatly.

    Dental implants have a surgical component to the procedure, so it’s worth considering being open to the idea that this isn’t something you want to rush. Just like you’d give yourself time to heal, recuperate and recover after other types of minor surgery; it can be less stressful for you if you allow plenty of time for this too.

    When you’re considering your treatment options for dental implants speak with your dentist about what is mostly likely going to be your situation.

    How long will my Dental Implants last?

    How long your implants will last depends on your oral hygiene routine and overall health. When both are good, your dental implants can last up to 15 years.

    People with inherited dental issues may need the assistance of regular oral hygiene appointments with a Dental Hygienist to help you keep on top of things with your oral health.

    Individuals on regular medications will need to speak to your dentist about your situation to find out how your health and pharmaceutical regime may impact on the longevity of dental implants.

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