• How Do You Repair Chipped Teeth?

    How do you repair chipped teeth?

    Chipped teeth are an unfortunate reality for most people. The repair process will be basic or more complex depending on the severity of the chip.

    Small chips to teeth may be repaired by a simple filling. These are usually applied to chips to back teeth. A severely chipped or more aesthetically important tooth can be repaired by using tooth bonding (or transitional bonding) materials which include high-density plastics called composite resin. Another option for is using porcelain to match the rest of the tooth so that it becomes almost impossible to tell that there was ever a chip.

    In some cases, chipped teeth have been put off for a time or allowed to decay. Transitional bonding is often used for more complex cases of chipped teeth. The process can be used for a range of things from a mock up of treatment when testing a plan for veneers, to full mouth rehabilitation. This allows a transition into more permanent chipped teeth solutions. Using transitional bonding in this way will also allow the dentist an opportunity to diagnose any bite or aesthetic issues that arise during the process.

    For more complex cases of chipped teeth, transitional bonding is often the recommended option. As the treatment that requires a series of steps, the process can be paid for over time, which often proves easier on patient budgets.

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