• How Do Soft Drinks Harm My Teeth?

    How do soft drinks harm my teeth?

    Let’s be clear from a dentist’s perspective, soft drink is not good for the health of your teeth.

    Soft drinks are very high in sugar content, up to 10 teaspoons in a single can, and they’re also very acidic drinks. This acidity of the drink, including diet soft drinks, eats away at the enamel on your teeth. Once you put the sugar with the acidity and high frequency of drinking these types of drinks, it leads to the bacterium that creates plaque flourishing and this in turn leads to tooth decay.

    Other drinks with high acidity are bottled water, tea with added fruit flavours, sports drinks and energy drinks.

    Does brushing my teeth after soft drink help?

    Here is the problem with the high acidity in these kinds of drinks; brushing your teeth after drinking a soft drink or energy drink will NOT help interrupt the chemical process leading to teeth decay. In fact, brushing after exposure to drinks with a high acidity will erode even more enamel.

    Some studies have suggested that drinking 2 litres of soft drink a day for three to five years will have the same effect that abusing illicit drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine will have on your teeth.

    High consumption of soft drink coupled with irregular visits to the dentist and a poor oral hygiene routine will absolutely damage your teeth over time.

    It’s not very glamorous or as tasty, but water or milk are the best drinks for optimal teeth health.

    Soft drinks have to be consumed in moderation. Between the sugar and the acidity of the drink, soft drinks make your teeth vulnerable to decay.

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