• How Do I Care For My Sports Mouthguard?

    How do I care for my sports mouthguard?

    Clean your mouthguard after every time you wear it. Dental plaque that can accumulate on your teeth will build up on your sports mouthguard too if not regularly cleaned.

    At a minimum, rinse your guard with cool water after wearing it, and take the time to scrub it with some toothpaste and your toothbrush.

    Ensure your mouthguard dries properly before storing it away in it’s case to prevent bacteria from breeding on it.

    From time to time, consider soaking your mouthguard in a cleaning solution. Denture cleaner and mouthwash can also be used to freshen your mouthguard.

    Could I ruin my mouthguard by not cleaning it properly?

    Yes. There are several ways you can ruin your sports mouthguard by not cleaning it properly.

    Using hot water will change the shape and fit of your mouthguard, so when you are cleaning it use room temperature water and cleaning solutions recommended by your dentist for a thorough clean.

    You can also ruin your mouthguard by not rinsing it after each time you wear it. Your mouthguard may become stained and infected with bacteria.

    Your mouthguard is supposed to protect your teeth, so making sure that you clean it properly will ensure that it continues to do that job for you well.

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