• How are my teeth numbered?

    There is a universal numbering system used by dentist to help them correctly identify teeth so that they can keep an accurate record of the health of your teeth in your patient record.

    The numbering system works like this.

    Starting from the top right furthest back tooth at one and counting across the top to the furthest left top tooth then down to the bottom back tooth right across to the bottom back right tooth.

    This diagram from DentalCare.com is a good picture to explain the way the numbering of your teeth works.

    Teeth Numbering Diagram courtesy of DentalCare.com

    Teeth Numbering Diagram courtesy of DentalCare.com

    Why are my teeth numbered?

    Your teeth are numbered so that there can never be any mix-up about which tooth your patient record is describing, should you get treatment from anyone other than your regular dentist.

    Thank you Mr Bean for this expert explanation of why having numbering for your teeth is so valuable for your dentist. Mr Bean – At the Dentist.

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