• Many new lifestyle and design trends are beginning to spring up thanks to social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

    Even in dentistry there have been a series of new trends in fashion for your teeth.

    What once began as the pursuit of a healthy, white smile with teeth whitening, we’re now seeing completely new trends in “beautifying” your smile.

    From the tooth gap jewelry sported by Rihanna back in 2013 to the grillz popularized by Kim Kardashian last year (2018).

    Here’s a quick run down of what the “cool kids” are wearing and doing to their teeth at music festivals like Coachella and sharing in their Instagram selfies.


    Grillz are jewellery for your teeth. You can think of them as being like a metallic mouth guard that you wear over the top of your actual teeth.


    Gold Grillz and Grillz are seen as an easy way to seriously change your look. The price tag for Grillz varies a lot, from less than $50 for “pre-made’s” to tens of thousands of dollars for custom fitted.

    A quick bit of research and you’ll discover that pre-made’s are the ones that will do the most harm in the shortest amount of time. From discolouring or staining your teeth to causing foul smelling bad breath to headaches and aching jaws.

    The American Dental Association advises that Grillz be removed before eating and only replaced after flossing and brushing teeth to prevent gum disease and plaque build up that leads to decay.

    Dentists in the UK have also warned about the risk of smaller incidents of lip and gum lacerations and bruising that can be caused by wearing Grillz.

    Tooth Gap Jewellery

    Tooth gap jewelry is a mini grillz that fills in the gap between your two front teeth. Usually a single vertical bar of gold, they also come in other design options. You know they’ve hit the mainstream when you can buy tooth gap jewelry in Walmart!


    Tooth gap jewellery can also be damaging to your teeth making your gap wider through prolonged wearing leading to aching and pain.

    Celebrity dentist Dr Marc Lowenberg (Heidi Klum’s cosmetic dentist) recommends wearing dental jewellery for a maximum of four hours at a time.

    Dental Care Professionals can help reduce or close tooth gap with Invisalign; a safer option for your tooth gap.

    Teeth Polish

    Teeth polish is colour for your teeth. Just like you use nail polish to colour your fingernails and toe nails. Teeth polish is colour that you paint on your teeth.


    Teeth polish is simply painted on top of your tooth’s surface. That means that when you take it off you need to be sure that bits of it don’t get stuck between your teeth, like food might.

    Flossing and proper brushing are essential for making sure you remove teeth polish completely to avoid plaque and decay.

    Keeping up with your regular annual dental appointments for an examination and expert clean will also ensure that you minimise any potential harm.

    Tooth Gems

    Are small precious metal ornaments or gemstones that are put on your teeth.


    Buying a DIY tooth gem kit and following the easy to do it yourself instructions make tooth gems seem harmless.

    Gluing anything on to the surface of your tooth so that it will stay (teeth have a hard slippery surface) has risks. From discolouration to the tooth surface, irreparable damage to the tooth enamel to tooth decay.

    When sticking something on your tooth, acid etching is the chemical way that is used to make the tooth’s slippery surface slightly rough so that the glue can bond. That’s the first chemical you would be using in your DIY kit and the one that could leave you with a permanent dental problem.

    Depending on the health of your teeth and your genetically inherited oral attributes, etching can have very different outcomes for the enamel of your teeth.

    If you’ve already got a tooth gem our recommendation is to book a checkup appointment with your dentist. Make sure that there are no signs of damage or to catch it early if something is about to go wrong.

    Dental Art

    From decorative plates to frankel appliances crafted with personalized designs, dental art is making ugly yet functional dental appliances pretty.


    Some of these trends and fads are relatively harmless, others can be damaging and saddle you with a future of dental restoration and regular visit to your dentist.

    Our advice. Before you indulge your artistic and creative self in an expensive dental fashion item, check with your regular dentist first to make sure your teeth stay safe from harm.

    Make an appointment with your Dental Care Professionals dentist and bring in your dental fashion item to get an expert evaluation before you go all out.

    Have you bought or considered doing something to your teeth to express your individuality? We’d love to hear your story and have you share your pics with us. Join the conversation on Facebook.

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